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Includes everything you need to start an official company • R398 once-off cost.

Company RegDo you need to do Company Registration in South Africa? Join thousands of happy Clients.

Pty Company Registration

During the registration process you will be kept up to date via e-mail and SMS. To register a new Pty Company a minimum of 1 director is required. To register a Private Company is only R 399 and will include:
- the Company Name Reservation Certificate,
- the Company Registration Certificate,
- the Company Income Tax Number, and
- a Free BEE Affidavit

Non Profit Company Registration

- The name of a Non-Profit Company will end with "NPC".
- Incorporated by at least 3 persons for public benefit, social activities, communal or group Interest, etc.
- Must have a minimum of 3 directors.
- The primary objective is to be a benefit to the public and not to make profit.

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